There was a day & time when being an amateur was not considered a weakness. It was simply a word, derived from the French & Latin languages, meaning…

  • One who loves

  • Lover of

  • One who is motivated by love

  • One who cultivates & participates but does not pursue with an eye to gain

It was not a word associated with incompetence or naivety, but with love; unashamed, unconfined, all-consuming love!

Yet these days, no one wants to be considered an amateur. It’s considered an insult, congruent with mediocrity or incompetence. Instead, we want to be known as professionals, specialists & powerhouses.

But what if we’re meant for something different? What if we’re meant to just be amateurs? What if we stopped trying to professionalize everything & derive our importance from our titles & talents? What if we simply loved Him & let that love inspire us?

That’s really all we’re about. What we do here at amateurs may vary. We might write. We might record. We might travel, host meetings, publish content, sit with the poor, or simply pray & be with Jesus. What we do may vary, but why we do it never will.

Because, in a world of self-proclaimed experts, we’re just a bunch of amateurs.