Cammie is a worship leader, songwriter, podcast co-host & writer based out of Dallas, Texas.  With a burning passion for the presence of God, she aspires to let every aspect of her life draw others to His loving-kindness. 

Cammie has a background in youth ministry and working with at-risk youth, which has led to her love for discipling and ministering to those around her. “Big sister” is one of her favorite hats to wear.

As a creative and a writer, Cammie loves to craft songs, blogs, creative content, silly poems about her dog… really any excuse to put pen to paper!  She delights in getting to travel to lead worship and to speak at events, conferences, and churches. New places mean new people - and she loves meeting new people! 

Cammie’s podcast, Basically Basic, is her outlet to drink lots of coffee and talk too fast with one of her best friends. Basically Basic focuses on “giving God glory in the big and basic things,” as she and Amanda highlight brothers and sisters making an impact for the Kingdom of God. 

Cammie’s favorite things include her husband, Steven, her goldendoodle child, Sushi, and anything super girly! 



Want more from Cammie? Check out Cammie & Amanda’s weekly conversations about coffee, Jesus & the basic things of life in their podcast, Basically Basic.