amateurs are lovers…

and lovers are worshippers.

The heartbeat of aboa is simply to be lovers. But what we have found is that those whose hearts truly beat for something cannot keep their hearts contained. That pulse, that desire, that love that they experience must be expressed.

At amateurs we have boiled down our love for the Lord into two key things:

  1. Worship through musical & creative expression.

  2. Following God’s Word.

Worship… is our response to seeing Jesus as He really is. It is ascribing worth to the one who is worthy of it all, agreeing with His character & nature, & expressing our awe, wonder & love in response to knowing the God King, Jesus.

Following His Word… We believe loving Jesus looks like hearing His word, both written & proceeding, & following suit. Loving the Lord is walking out the Word of the Lord.


we are simply responding…

to who He is & what He says.

Because of this, our potential for expressing our love for God has room to grow, expand, develop & take on varied expressions.

In the Good Book, we find these two statements:

  1. Jesus replied, "All who love me will do what I say.” - John 14:23

  2. Anyone who loves God must also love their brother and sister. - 1 John 4:21

Loving God is follow through. Loving God is loving people. These are our pillars. Everything we do comes out of these things.

So we are a people with constants in our lives, but we also a family of progression. There are things we will always do, but there are also varied expressions of love that come from hearing the “now” Word of God, & responding to His voice in this season & at this time. We will continually love people, but how we love people may vary at times.

If He says, “Go,” we will go. If He says, “Write,” we will write. If He says, “Reach out,” we will reach out. New things will be springing up at amateurs due to our pursing of His presence & voice, but one thing will be our constant… amateurs are worshippers.


loving God is…

loving people.